There Are Bad Calls, and Then There is This Call

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Ravens fans, next time you want to complain about how awful an official’s call was just remember it can’t come close to being this bad. Calling intentional grounding is one thing. That’s not what happened here though. The call, which could not be reviewed, was that this was intentional ground in the end zone, resulting in a safety.  A blind man in section 549 could see the QB is on the 4 yd line when he throws the football. Meanwhile the official is standing on the two yard line with the Ohio QB two yards in front of him. Id like to say this is the worst call ever, but I can’t do that. No, because no one, not even the world’s worst ref is that bad. I don’t know if that Zebra had his Mortgage on Ohio or if he’s just a die hard Bobcats fan. Either way this wasn’t a blown call, it was a crooked call. A very, very crooked call. This guy’s punishment should be that he has to spend the rest of his life referring shitty MAC conference football games on Tuesday nights…Oh wait he already is.



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