‘The Wire’ Is Getting Remastered In HD & Rebroadcast

Entertainment, News — September 2, 2014 at 7:09 pm by

Just when I thought that my love for The Wire couldn’t get any greater, HBO dropped this fantastic news. The price of the brick just went up, babes. I can’t wait to watch Omar rob stash houses, Stringer talk about 40 degree days, and McNulty get liquored up in glorious HD. HBO planned on starting an HD marathon of The Wire on September 4, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it happen. HBO is still in the process of remastering the series, and they currently do not have a start date for the marathon. So we’ll have to show some patience before being able to binge-watch this masterpiece in high definition. Maybe Clay Davis would be willing to grease some big shots at HBO to help move things along.

via Entertainment Weekly & Variety

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