The Wire Has Been Remastered In HD and Will Be On HBO This Month

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theverge– Starting on December 26th, all 60 episodes will be available for streaming on HBO Go. Cable fans will also be able to marathon the series starting that day on HBO Signature, running all the way through to December 30th. The whole remaster will be made available on Digital HD — meaning iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Video, and Vudu — on January 5th. Blu-ray owners will have to wait until next summer for their physical copies.


‘Bout time.  Now I can sit and watch 60 HD episodes of the best damn show ever put on television til my eyes bleed like the streets of Baltimore do when there’s a Barksdale/Stanfield drug war ragin’.  This is definitely good news, babes.  In fact, they should remaster and make this series crisp and fresh every five years.  Gotta keep the greats in tip-top shape.


Of course there will be those who will eternally oppose anything having to do with The Wire, saying it sheds a bad light on our beloved city and blah, blah, blah, blah.  Well, this kind of drama and violence is a reality for a lot of people in a lot of cities.  If you want to go through life thinking the reality of Baltimore is aquariums, gourmet chain restaurants, and old-timey looking stadiums, go right ahead.  But what’s real is that plenty of people who call Baltimore home live and work in the exact environment that’s portrayed on The Wire.  You can duck the truth if you want, or you can look it in the eye, embrace it, and maybe help find a way to make a difference.  Or you can just watch the show strictly for its entertainment value and get excited when they mention, or show, a place or street that you recognize. Either way, don’t knock a show for being realistic- it just make you look naïve and stupid.

But enough soapboxin’.  The day after Christmas just got better than Christmas. “Over Westside errebody knows errebody….”.

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