The Utah Jazz Mascot May Or May Not Have Kidnapped A Child

Sports and Bets — November 29, 2017 at 2:09 am by




What I’m seeing here from the Utah Jazz mascot is not just an unforgivable crime of stealing a child, but also an unforgivable lack of knowledge of the game of basketball. If you’re going to steal children off the court at a basketball game, you need to have a little more wherewithal of what’s going on on the court. Need to learn a little more about the Xs and Os of the game, if you will. He was sitting there, waiting for the ball to go to the far end of the court to plan his kidnapping. Then as the attention shifted to the far side, he decided to act. Clearly he’s thinking he’s got a full 24 seconds to pull off the move. Rookie mistake. But what he’s forgetting, is that a little thing I like to call defense exists, and sometimes that defense turns into turnovers and fast breaks. Cameras immediately are drawn back to his end of the court. Blew his cover. There he was, caught red handed stealing a kid off the court. Disappointing.



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