The University Of Maryland Will Sell 1.5 Pound Crab Pretzels At Football Games

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Crab pretzels and football, that’s what Maryland does! Love this move from the Terps. Nothing better than adding some local flair to your concessions, and if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it big. Here’s the scoop on this mammoth pretzel from The Washington Post:

“The ‘Chessie,’ named after the Loch Ness Monster’s less famous Chesapeake Bay cousin, is a monster-sized 24-ounce hot soft pretzel smothered in back fin crab dip and melted cheddar cheese, then topped with a dusting of Old Bay for two to four hungry fans.”

The “Chessie” will run you $17.50, which actually might be a bargain when it comes to food prices at stadiums. And if crab pretzels aren’t your thing, the Terps are also adding Chesapeake nachos, crab fries, pit beef, pit turkey, pulled pork, and a “Curley’s Fresh” concourse with a bunch of healthy bullshit to Byrd Stadium. So there will be plenty of options to choose from this season while watching the Terps dominate hold their own in the BIG 10.


Just look at that thing of beauty dwarfing the nachos. We might have found our next food challenge for CK. He does have the upper body strength of 2-4 men, so I can’t imagine that he’d have a problem taking down this bad boy.

via The Washington Post 

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