The Terps Make Me Angry, Bobby Knight Style

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If a college basketball player misses an open shot you can only get so mad at the kid. Hey, no one makes them all, right?  But having watched a lot of Terps hoops this year, both on TV and at the Comcast center, I’m growing impatient.  Not with their lack of talent, or even at all their missed shots.  I’m getting sick and tired of their lack of discipline and low basketball IQ.  Maybe the Carolina Tar Heels are reading at a 4th grade level, but the Terps are playing ball at one.

This crap makes me understand why Bobby Knight tossed chairs and choked kids out. Watch a couple of Maryland games and see if don’t want to throw chairs and choke people too.

                                         “Hey You Worthless Turtles, Get Your heads out of your Asses and play some Basketball”

Maryland’s low basketball IQ definitely makes me want to throw chairs and choke people. You know, as a Terp fan, what they do. You know what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about real infuriating stuff like excessive fouling, repetitive turnovers, and bonehead play after bonehead play. It’s not just like they foul, or turn the ball over;  I mean, damn, they make it extraordinary, and they screw up at the most crucial times.  I’m also talking about dumb as shit turnovers;  like the turnovers that come directly after a timeout, and the turnover that occurred when Dez Wells knocked the ball out-of-bounds when it was rolled to him.  This is just unreal stuff that you can’t make up. The Terps foul with reckless abandon.  They fouled with .04 seconds left in the half, and they fouled when UNC had 5 seconds left on their shot clock and the ball at their own baseline. It’s real smooth stuff.  And no, NOOOOOO, I’m not even close to bitter that the line was 8 and if the Terps had played with their eyes open, maybe, or probably, they cover that number.

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