The Sugar Shock v.2: DJ Chronicles and Crusher of The Week

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The Sugar Shock v.2


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 I am sorry I missed all of you last week. But I am back with more stories to tell.


“That’s aint ratchet enough.”

 I have been hearing this a lot lately, “Do you have anything more ratchet?” “Can you play something a little more ratchet?” Look if you want a ratchet, go to Home Depot and pick one up. According to the Urban dictionary:


adjective. a person (or activity) that is in general, over the top, out of control hood/ghetto, gritty, and unapologetically so

antonym. bourgeois


Hurricane Chris.

In a sentence:

“I live for 1/2 off drinks on Big Booty Tuesdays. I’m so ratchet!”

 Who doesn’t like ½ drinks on Big Booty Tuesdays? But I don’t think I will ever be using the term “ratchet” that way. I will use ratchet when I am referring to tools that use the word ratchet in that sense described above.


Most requested song- “Wiggle” by Jason DeRulo feat. Snoop Dogg



 Let me ask you- what are you going to do with that big fat butt? I don’t think you can use that question in reality, but Jason Derulo just did, and so is every one singing this song after they ask for it. 


Best request of the week- “Anything Limp Bizkit”



 Sure. I used to love these guys. I can throw on some Break Stuff or something. How about “Rollin”?


Dumbest request of the week- Electric Slide

 Uh no. Sorry bro. This isn’t your Aunt Rose’s 89th birthday. This is a regular party, with regular people. This is not Jump Rope for Heart or your kid’s Field Day. Go to the mall, find some cool clothes, go to the nearest fountain, throw a dime in it, and make a wish for a personality.


Biggest asshole move of the week- “Guy not tipping”

 Bro, learn how to tip. Don’t go to a bar if you don’t have more than $10 bucks. Even though drinks aren’t cheap, you save a couple of bucks for the bartender. I know they don’t give out tips at Target, but we aren’t shopping for linens. Go to the ATM and get some money, or stay home.


Crusher of the week:  “Summer  (Diplo & Grand Theft  Remix)” by Calvin Harris


This one is killing it right now. It tested well all weekend through four shows. Grab it, it’s better than the original.


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Shows for the week:

 Wednesday: Looney’s Pub North Bel Air, MD

Friday: Luckies Tavern Power Plant Live Baltimore, MD

Saturday: Looney’s Pub Canton Baltimore, MD


Thanks for catching up… until next time.


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