The Steelers Got Problems, The Giants and Boys Stink, Kap Is A Beast, Boldin, Rex, and Other NFL Thoughts

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With the first NFL Sunday now in the books, I’ve made a few observations.  I’ll talk about strength of teams, fantasy info, betting info, and individual player analysis.  I know it’s only one week into a long season but here’s what I took from it.
Pittsburg looked absolutely atrocious on offense, and they lost their best offensive lineman, Maurkice Pouncey, for the year to a knee injury.  Big Ben was sacked, hit, or knocked down on nearly every passing play.  They miss the home run potential of Mike Wallace and their running game is non-existent.
The Browns are still the Browns.  Yes they will be better, but still a step below the upper echelon in the AFC North.  The defense will be in the top half of the league, and their offense will come along as the season progresses, but I still see them with six wins or less.
Cincinnati, despite their tough road loss, is really good.  AJ Green will carry this offense all year, and the young talented defense will end up in the top ten of the league.
The NFC top to bottom is a better conference then the AFC this year.  If I were to put together a power rankings poll, seven of the top ten teams would be from the  NFC.
New England will hold off Miami to win the AFC East but not by their usual country mile.  I see a ten and six/nine and seven type race happening between them.
The Jets will play hard for Rex Ryan, they will exceed expectations, and he will still get fired.  Six and ten with this team will not be enough to save his job.  I feel bad because I like Rex;  if only he wasn’t so hard-headed about Sanchez.


Gino saves Rex?

Seattle is really good, but the Niners are better.  I’m really looking forward to watching this race come down the stretch.  Colin Kaepernick is downright nasty, in fact almost unstoppable.  And by the way, he threw for over four hundred yards and barely ran the ball.
The Giants performance last night showed a lot about both teams, neither are that good.  New York turned the ball over six times and with two minutes to go they were still in position to drive down the field and win the game. That  is pathetic.


Still Stink

I’m not going crazy over a win in Jacksonville, but I predicted Kansas City would make the playoffs and feel really good about it.  They have a ton of talent and Andy Reid will convert that talent into a ten win football team.
In fantasy here are some big winners and losers.  Winners or players on the rise this year are:  Reggie Bush, Jordan Cameron, Terrell Pryor, Jared Cook, Julius Thomas, Colin Kaepernick, Anquan Boldin, Andre Roberts, and Miles Austin.  Some fantasy losers so far are David Wilson,  Cam Newton, Steven Ridley, Montee Ball, and MJD.  Granted its only one week, but the winners are showing great promise and the losers are showing a tough hole to dig out of in their respective situations.
Anquan Boldin had over two hundred yards receiving,  that is over twenty percent of his output over the entire regular season last year.  I’m not sure how I feel about that to be honest.  I guess we didn’t make the right move by not paying him that extra two million.

stink 2

Missin’ Quan already

I feel like there are going to be a record amount if points scored this year. As a gambler I will be much more inclined to take overs this year as points seem to be coming in bunches.  Nothing is worse in gambling then when you have the under in a game that is being played tight for two and a half quarters, and then an outburst of touchdowns sends it over the total.
Some injury notes. Shane Vereen, running back from New England, will undergo wrist surgery and will miss a few weeks.  Also Pittsburg running back Larod Stephans-Howling tore his ACL and will miss the rest of the season.
Overall is was a good week of football for fantasy.  There were no major injuries to first round players and most fantasy studs performed like fantasy studs.  Stay up on that waiver wire and pick up the hot names; Julian Edelman, Julius Thomas, Andre Roberts, Marlon Brown, and whoever the New York Giants sign after working out running backs on Tuesday.  Check back Thursday for a start ’em/ sit for fantasy and Friday for NFL picks.

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