The Steelers Continue To Do Less With More Than Any Other NFL Franchise

Sports and Bets — January 15, 2018 at 4:15 am by


The Pittsburgh Steelers are thought of as a Super Bowl contender just about every year. How can an offense that has an elite quarterback, the best receiver, and the best running back in the game not be? Not to mention other weapons all over the place. After another disappointing loss for Steelers fans at the hands of a perennial basement dweller franchise, Pittsburgh has three total playoff wins in their last seven years. THREE in SEVEN. Who do they think they are, Matt Ryan?

Blake Bortles can tie the Steelers playoff win total from the last seven years if the Jags can get by the Patriots on Sunday.

You could make a legit case that the Steelers have three of the top ten offensive players in the league, usually a fairly good defense, and still can’t get it done in the playoffs. It’s mind blowing. Yet Steelers fans walk around holding their heads high like they’re some type of elite team that everyone wants to be. They’re picked by countless experts every season to win the Super Bowl, yet have only even made the AFC Championship once in this span. They’re the Washington Capitals of the NFL.

They’ll point to their 6 rings (did you know???), but this is a what have you done for me lately league, and lately, the Steelers haven’t done much.

The Steelers could easily be the NFL’s most disappointing franchise since 2011. Has any team done less with more? None come to mind.

Congratulations on playing one extra game this season, Pittsburgh, and sorry you got embarrassed when you did it.


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