The Steelers Being Ranked The Number One Team In The NFL By ESPN Is An Absolute Joke

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Look, I’m a Steelers-hating Ravens fan through and through, but I know for a fact I’m being completely unbiased here. And I know Power Rankings mean exactly zero, but the fact that the Steelers are the number one team in the NFL according to ESPN is actually insanity. Winning a divisional road game is never easy, and even though the Steelers did just that, it was still the Browns. But at the end of the day, they got the win they needed, so I’m not taking anything away from them because they barely beat Cleveland.

But if you’re going to tell me the Steelers win puts them above the Chiefs’ dominating win in Foxborough, you’re out of your mind. In fact, I still have the hated Patriots above the Steelers, despite their loss. Until I see Ben beat Brady, I won’t be a believer that they’re a better team.

In fact I have the Steelers as the fourth best team in the AFC alone, behind the two teams I just mentioned, and the Raiders. It remains to be seen if the Raiders defense can hold, but I have confidence they’re at least as good at Pittsburgh as a whole. Derek Carr is the real deal, no ifs ands or buts about it.

So if the Steelers are fourth in my mind in the AFC, they have to be put behind the Packers and the Cowboys in the NFC. You could make a strong argument the Seahawks are up there despite the loss, but that O-Line is about the sorriest thing I’ve ever seen, so I’m holding off for a minute on them.

That puts the Steelers at sixth in my power rankings. Not too shabby, but not even close to being first, and it’s insanity to think they’re the best team in football. They’re not even a lock to win their own division.


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