The Sandwiches I Had At Tooloulou Absoloulouly Kicked Ass, And I Can’t Wait To Go Back.

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I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I had never been to Belvedere Square Market before last weekend. But I had heard good things about this restaurant with a weird-ass name that was located there, so I trucked on over there with the wizza.

toolou belve

The place’s name is Tooloulou and trust me, it is in your best interest to remember it.  The sandwiches I dined on there were absolutely bangin’; in fact, I would even go as far to say that the sandwich I ordered and ate was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had all year, and that’s saying something, because I enjoy celebrating my fatness with great sandwiches often.

Tooloulou was originally located on Harford Road, but for whatever reason they’ve relocated to the Belvedere Square Market.  All good. The Belvedere Market  is located at 529 E. Belvedere Ave. which is nestled just south of the intersection of Northern Parkway and York Road.  The Market is cool and inside of it there are plenty of good-looking places to eat, but we were focused on Tooloulou and we quickly approached their counter to order.

Tooloulou means crab in Cajun and this menu is chock full of Cajun food and flair.  It’s a mouth-watering read for sure, and damn if I didn’t want to order a bunch of stuff.  But I had to pick and eat within reason, so I ordered one sandwich and one side.  I wanted something unique and I fulfilled that want by ordering the Coca-Cola Baked Ham Sandwich.  It’s Coca-Cola baked ham with honey butter and Dijon Mustard Cole Slaw served on a big Jalapeno and Cheddar Biscuit.  I then ordered a small side of dirty rice.  The wizza ordered a Shrimp Po’ Boy and we paid and then took a seat at one of the tables by the window in front of the counter.  (After you order they give you a number that you take to a your table.  They bring your food to the table.  If you are tipping with cash, put it in the jar at the counter before you sit down.)

toolou d rice

We sipped on our sweet teas and waited.  Our food soon arrived.  The dirty rice came in a bowl and was definitely a generous potion.  The sammies came wrapped.  After unwrapping, we dug in and man, I was impressed.  The Coca-Cola Baked Ham Sandwich was an absolute home run.  The ham was sweet and tender and the Dijon mustard cole slaw was delicious and the perfect compliment to the ham.  The biscuit that surrounding this sandwich of love was awesome.  Just that hint of that jalapeno spice and that cheesy baked in cheddar goodness completed a sandwich that I will be craving until I get the chance to return.  The delicious dirty rice  brought everything all together and I had a satisfying, filling, and unique meal.  Even better, the sandwich ($10) and rice ($3) are reasonably priced.  For 13 bucks you’re full and you’re happier than Earl Weaver after half a pack of dugout-smoked cigarettes and a walk-off three run home run.

touloo sand

Meanwhile the wizza was eating her shrimp po’ boy.  We share grub at restaurants, especially when we’re trying a new place, so I had some of her po’ boy .  This sandwich was awesome too.  The shrimp were lightly breaded and a nice size.  Coupled with the perfect tasting Tabasco remoulade sauce and the spicy pickles, it’s was a bangin’ Cajun treat.  (We had only wished that Tooloulou would have toasted the roll.  Next time we’ll ask, babes.)  But toasted roll or not, I will definitely go back for this po’ boy.  A lot of places have po’ boys, but they can’t quite pull ’em off; they either fry the shrimp too damn hard, or they screw up the sauce. Tooloulou had no such problems, they pulled this sandwich off with flying colors.

toolou po boy

I really enjoyed this meal.

Tooloulou offers a bunch of different other stuff that looks and sounds incredibly delicious.  They’ve got a whole host of gourmet-sounding pizzas and all kinds of po’ boys, sandwiches, and sides.  After eating there once,  I can’t wait to go back multiple times to celebrate the whole damn menu.

Check out their menu and make sure you pay them a visit.  Happy grubbing, babes.

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