The Ravens Win Ugly Again, And That’s Fine By Me

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I know 90 percent of the fans in Baltimore will be pissed about this game because the Ravens didn’t win the way you would have liked them too. They shouldn’t have gotten the three points before half if it weren’t for a Jags penalty and a Tucker retry, and obviously we would have rather not had a muffed punt by Hestor, would have rather not had two picks by Flacco after going down 1, and rather not have relied on a blocked kick to win the game. It shouldn’t have taken three drives to finally convert the game winning field goal, but it did. And the bottom line is that the Ravens won, on the road, and are now 3-0. So who gives a shit how they got it done. They won ugly week one, they won ugly week two, and now they won ugly week three. But that’s what this franchise does, and does well. And they won’t be up top with the rest of the 3-0 teams in the power rankings, but who cares, because they’ve got as good a record as anyone else in the league, and that’s all that matters. So get out of here with the negative shit that they don’t look good, cause I’ll take 3-0 all day every day.

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  1. Agree Zack a win is a win in the NFL. Going forward there are a few things that need to improve for the Ravens to beat better teams. Flacco’s ypa was a meek 5.35, 21 straight completions are nice, but he need to get the ball further down the field. Also T West needs to take over a more primary role as opposed to Forsett sharing touches. It’s clear Forsett is only suited for a backup role, as West is much more explosive. When Dixon comes back, Forsett should be phased out. Great job by the defense, it’s amazing how much changes when you create turnovers. Lastly Tucker worth every penny.

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