The Ravens Will Play A Game In London In 2017

Sports and Bets — December 13, 2016 at 1:03 pm by


My first thought about the Ravens playing in London weren’t exactly positive. It’s a weird game played at a weird time in weird weather. If you gave me the option of whether the Ravens played abroad or not, I’d say no 10 times out of 10. Plus I just don’t like the concept of the NFL having a franchise in London, which I feel like is the direction they’re pushing by playing more and more games over there. But the fact that it’s not eating up a home game makes it much more appealing, and the fact that it’s against a horrible Jaguars team means that if the Ravens are worth a shit in 2017, it’ll be a win no matter where the venue is. So I guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy waking up at 9 am and turning on the TV to some Ravens football.



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