The Ravens Just Cut Ray Rice

Sports and Bets — September 8, 2014 at 2:50 pm by

This season has certainly gotten off to a bizarre and shitty start. I think that this was the right move by the Ravens, though. That video is fucking despicable, and there’s no room for guys like that on our team. I just hope that the Ravens saw the video for the first time today as well, and this isn’t just a PR move to cover their asses. I can understand the slap on the wrist suspension from the NFL because Commissioner Goodell is an incompetent bag of shit. But I’d really be disappointed if the Ravens knew about this video all along, and were still planning on bringing Rice back for Week 3. I also don’t think that this will have too big of an effect on the Ravens’ on-field performance. Running back is the most replaceable position in the NFL, and Justin Forsett helped prove that yesterday with a very productive game. Good riddance, ya scumbag.

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Update – Goodell has suspended Ray Rice indefinitely. That’s typical Goodell, making a half-assed effort to fix something that he already fucked up. Indefinite suspensions are such horsehit. Grow a set and make a rational, concrete decision for once.

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