The Ravens First Depth Chart Has Been Released. That and Some Preseason Game Battles To Watch

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The first unofficial Ravens depth chart has been released.  Some of you may say that its release is unofficial and it’s August, which would imply that the list doesn’t mean jack-shit.  Well, maybe it doesn’t, but it at least gives us an idea of  where players stand before the first pre-season action on Thursday night versus San Francisco.  After looking it over, here are a few quick thoughts on some key positional battles.

Rick Wagner is Winning the Job at Right Tackle.  But is That Saying Much?

The Ravens obviously like Rick Wagner.  They let Michael Oher go get overpaid in Tennessee and they have blatantly refused to address the position in free agency or the draft.  Wagner has evidently earned the right to start the first preseason game.  Are we all to be impressed that he is winning the job versus Jah Reid, who is listed as his backup?  I sure hope so.  I also hope that Wagner comes as advertised and stays healthy, because the alternatives on this current roster look pretty scary for Joe Flacco’s health.  I want to see a big time performance Thursday night from the new right anchor…….


Lorenzo Taliaferro is Fourth on the Running Back Depth Chart.

I find this a little surprising since Taliaferro can supposedly catch the ball and has the one cut, downhill running style that fits the new Gary Kubiak offense. I’m hearing some squeaks that Justin Forsett looks the best of all the running backs, but he’s listed behind incumbents Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce.

It will be interesting to see who gets how many carries on Thursday.  My guess is Rice either doesn’t play or gets one or two touches and that Pierce, even if Rice sits, won’t play more than a series or two.  That means we’ll see lots of Forsett and Taliaferro.  Bring it on.  I like the rookie, but with Rice serving his two game suspension for the first two weeks they’ll need all these backs to play well.


Kamar Aiken Must Be Tearing Up Camp.

I had never heard of this dude before he came to Baltimore, but he must be doing something right for his name to suddenly appear as the third string wideout.  That means that if cuts were today, Aiken would be the last wide receiver to make the team.  Will Aiken be this year’s preseason star who makes the team?  Or will he end up on the practice squad no matter how well he plays?  Or will he be bussing tables at his local greasy spoon in September?  Stay tuned…..

Oh, and is he related to Clay Aiken?

Ladarius Webb is Obviously a Starter, But His Back Issue is Scaring the Shit Out of Me.

Webb is a beast.  But his back is acting up and the Ravens are saying he’s going to be held out of at least the first two preseason games.  This is some scary shit.  Ever have a bad back?  You have it forever.  The badness of the back goes away for periods of time, but it always comes back. And face it, we’ve got a bunch of journeymen and young question marks stacking the back-end of this secondary depth chart. Do the names Asa Jackson, Chykie Brown, and Dominique Franks instill confidence?  Maybe as slot starters, or, shit, maybe not even that.  It is an absolute necessity that Webb and fellow starter Jimmy Smith stay healthy.  Otherwise, we got cover issues.  If the Ravens bring in some more corners……panic.

C.J Mosley Is Listed As A Starter

Was there ever a doubt that this guy was being deemed as the chosen one?  The Ravens see Ray Lewis-Part Two in this kid.


Rookie Safety Terrance Brooks Is Listed As Third On The Depth Chart

Behind Darian Stewart and Jeromy Miles.  Ouch.  Monday, on 105.7 the fan they kept playing a sound excerpt from Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees, in which Pees stated that Brooks was still just taking in all in. (Paraphrase.)  Interesting since it feels like the Ravens envisioned him starting.  Of course Vinnie Cerrato implied that Pees’ comments meant that Brooks was stupid. We can’t possibly know if Brooks is stupid or not from Pees’ comments, maybe he’s just being outplayed in other ways.  Besides, Vinny Cerrato implying the somebody else is stupid is like John  Goodman implying that somebody else is fat.  Take it easy on the kid, we’re a few weeks in, babes.

I Can’t Wait To See This New Offense

Even if it’s just for a series or two, I can’t wait to see Joe Flacco under center, driving Kubiak’s  car.  It should be fun.




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