The O’s Need To Sign Choo, Garza, and Arroyo Now, But They Won’t Because They’re Cheap.

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The AL East is getting weaker by the minute.  Curtis Granderson left the division for big duckets and Jarrod Saltalamacchia is gone too.  Today the Yankees let Robbie Cano go to Seattle and that was after they overpaid for Jacoby Ellsbury.  (More proof that rivalries really exist more in the fan’s mind than the player’s)  But just as the sun rises in the east, so do player’s salaries.  There is no doubt that the Red Sox and the Yankees will continue to spend big dollars, and there’s no doubt that they will do so quickly in order to fill needs and to bolster their starting rotations.  With these two big spenders, and the always willing to throw money Blue Jays, sitting within their division, its high time for our own Baltimore Orioles to spend some money.  Why wait to sign who you need when the needs, and the fits, are so obvious?   Why wait when it’s so obvious that the other two monsters in the division have the same needs as you do?  Act now and act on Choo, Garza and Arroyo.

Shin Soo-Choo would be a perfect fit for the Orioles.  Choo can lead-off, he hits for average (2012 .285), he hits for power (2012, 21 HRs and ), he’s got a decent glove and he steals bases (2012, 20 SB).  Choo is exactly what the Orioles need, and assuming he plays left field Choo would give the Orioles a dynamic and rock solid outfield.  Choo is also left-handed and that flag court and short left field wall would almost certainly boost his HR and Double totals.  Throw in the fact that he’s got one of the best names in baseball, and the fans would take to him quickly.  But Choo, and Scott Boras, want big money and the Orioles simply won’t give Choo $85-90 million dollars.  Peter Angelos is a billionaire, mind you, but he won’t pay Shin Soo Choo $85 million.

Matt Garza is another player that would fit perfectly into the Orioles plans.  Garza is probably the best starter left on the market.  (That is currently not living in Japan.) He’s a solid pitcher who flashes brilliance.  His fastball is still in the 93-94 MPH range, and he consistently boast an ERA under 4.00.  (3.82 in 2012)  He could be the Birds #1 or #2, and his mere presence would allow for the slow and steady development of all the Oriole young arms.  No need to rush ’em up with the solid vet in the rotation.  Plus Garza is only 30, plenty of mileage left.  But again Garza wants big money and he wants at least a 4 year deal.  The Orioles don’t give four-year deals to pitchers, they just don’t.  Not even 30-year-old pitchers.  Peter Angelos has the best ball park in baseball, and he has a great TV deal, but he won’t give a high quality starting pitcher a four-year deal.

Bronson Arroyo would also suit the Birds just fine.  Arroyo is an innings eater, something the Orioles don’t have.  The Birds desperately need someone to consistently go 6 or 7 innings, and Arroyo fits that need.  He’s durable, he keeps you in games, and he brings an old goat presence to the clubhouse.  Arroyo would be an upgrade over the rented Scott Feldman (now with the Astros).  He also had 14 wins last year, which would be huge in this rotation.  Garza, Tillman, Arroyo, Gonzalez, and Norris (or Gausman).  Now we’re talking competitive.  But Arroyo will probably bring $12-15 million per.  You can probably get him to sign a two-year deal because he’s 36.  But Peter Angelos isn’t giving a 36-year-old player 30 million bucks. He just isn’t.  He won’t because Peter is cheap.

The bottom line is that the Orioles need to capitalize on the bevy of talent that they have on the roster by adding more to it, because the truth is, the players who are here now aren’t going to be here soon.  Matt Wieters is already in trade talks because the Birds won’t pay him and Chris Davis.  And honestly, who knows if  Chris Davis will be here in 2016.  One more year like last year and he’ll be in the $180-240 million dollar range.  The O’s will never pay him.  Never.  And what about Manny Machado?  He’s barely of drinking age.  If he comes back healthy and continues to progress as planned, he too will be in that big dollar stratosphere.  Will the O’s pay even him?  Who knows, but they’ve got to go for it now, because their own cheapness will tear this team up soon enough.  So Pete, you might as well spend $150 million now, because you sure as hell aren’t going to spend $300 million later.

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