The Orioles Just Put On The Best Postgame Show In The History Of Postgame Shows. And You’re Damn Right I Wept.

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Whether you were lucky enough to be at the Yard tonight, or whether you watched the Orioles’ 60th anniversary postgame celebration on your television, I think you knew, that while you were watching it, you were watching the greatest postgame show ever put on display.  The Orioles knocked it out of the park tonight like Frank Robinson knocked that ball completely out of Memorial Stadium back on May 8th, 1966.


The history, the old-time players, the fireworks, and the incredible laser show that was projected onto the side of the warehouse, all added up to one hell of a program.  It was absolutely epic.

60 baseball


And you’re damn right I wept seeing those Baltimore baseball legends trot out onto the field again.   I’m no spring chicken, those Birds from the seventies and eighties brought back a lot of real good memories.  Even when times were tough back in the day, the Orioles were always there. From April to September, every night, my Grandmother and I listened to the O’s on the radio or watched them on TV.  They were a constant, even when they themselves weren’t consistent. These old baseball goats are the reason I love baseball, Baltimore, and sports. There was a lot of history and a lot of wins between the chalk lines tonight, and a lot of good memories.

60 brooks

60 eddie



Well done Birds, you created a great new moment and memory for all of your fans.

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