The Orioles Have Been In Talks To Try And Bring Back Mark Trumbo

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According to MLB Trade Rumors, Dan Duquette said that the Orioles have “made a couple offers to” Mark Trumbo to bring him back to Baltimore, although a deal has obviously not been reached. The Orioles have had continued talks with the free agent outfielder, and have a clear interest in resigning him.

All this is well and good, and Dan Duquette can say what he wants, but let’s be honest, it is extremely unlikely this team is resigning Mark Trumbo. I think the one year marriage between the two worked exceptionally well, and Trumbo raked at Camden Yards last year. Resigning him would be nice, but he’s a want, not a need, and this team has too many needs for a low spending ball club to put out money on a journeyman slugger.

I’m normally someone who is screaming for the Orioles to make deals when they don’t, but this offseason is a little different than most. There is no quality starting pitching in free agency, and it seems that if the Orioles over pay for bats now, there might not be enough left in the funds to sign more important pieces like Machado and Tillman when they eventually hit free agency in a couple years.

So while in an ideal world Mark Trumbo would be the Orioles’ full time DH, I can’t possibly see a situation in which he falls back to the team. So whether a deal is reached between the two sides or not, I won’t be upset either way.


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