The Orioles Could See A Hell Of A Lot Of Matt Wieters This Year…Wearing An AL East Rival’s Uniform

Sports and Bets — February 16, 2017 at 10:34 pm by



According to the Tampa Bay Rays have made an offer to former O’s catcher Matt Wieters. The length of the proposed contract is unknown, as is the dollar amount, but it’s hard to envision the Rays having offered anything more that a one-year deal.

Is this really where Matt Wieters ends up? You know your market is bottom of the barrel low when the Rays are able to afford you. It’s unclear how many other offers Wieters has gotten, but in all honesty, for Matt Wieters it seems like it would make sense to take a one-year deal at this point, try and prove himself worthy this season, and go for a big money deal again next offseason. See Nelson Cruz. Matt’s average was unimpressive last year at .243, but he did hit 17 homers in just 464 plate appearances. That’s solid for a catcher. His pitch framing has been harshly criticized however, which could be what’s preventing him from landing a big deal.

The fact that Jason Castro agreed to a deal for $27.5 million over three years and Matt Wieters remains unsigned is mind boggling. Jason Castro’s the catcher in everyone’s fantasy league that’s sitting out there on the waiver wire that no one can pull the trigger on picking up no matter how bad their own catcher is, because Castro’s just that bad at hitting. But wherever he ends up, Wiet better sign soon, or he won’t have a good rapport with his pitchers, and next free agency might be an even bigger struggle.


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