The Next Cuban Sensation?

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With Oakland`s Yoenis Cespedes winning the HR derby, the phenomenal year Yasiel Puig is having, and with a slew of other talented Cubans around the league, I’m starting to believe that Cuba is holding out on more than just good stogies. So why not strike while the iron is hot with our own Cuban stud, Henry Urrutia?

Lighting it up down on the farm.

Lighting it up down on the farm.

Buck and Dan are constantly making moves to better the ball club. They make no distinction between going after trades like the Scott Feldman deal, and internal moves like our own Urrutia.  It doesn’t matter where the players come from as long as they can help us win.  There may not be a ton of hype from the national media surrounding this unknown from Cuba to tell us how good he’s going to be, but that’s ok.  He can play.  We know that, and the rest of the league will know soon too.

Since Urrutia arrived in camp, Visa problems finally behind him, the plan was for him to get to the Bigs this year, and that time has come. Down on the  farm Urrutia has been doing work.  He’s hitting .365 between Bowie and Norfolk.  While our current trio in the outfield doesn’t need any help out there, the DH spot has been a black hole for us. Danny Valencia’s .215 average as the DH last night definitely wasn’t scaring the Ranger’s starter Holland, who didn’t allow Danny to reach base in the game. Nolan Reimold, who has struggled with injuries for years, is calling it a season for neck surgery (again, seriously??).  So what better time call up our hot hitting Cuban bat than now?  We needed a 3rd baseman down the stretch last year and we found a pretty damn good one down on the farm.  Henry has to prove himself before we start making too many big time comparisons, but there’s a good chance he may be the next Cuban sensation.  Henry was with the team last night but didn’t play.  He’s scheduled to make his first start as the DH tonight.  I think he kicks his major league career off hot tonight too. My prediction:  Two hits, one for extra bases, and he’ll have a pair of RBI`s. Might even grab my self a Cuban sandwich tonight to celebrate the occasion.

One of these, an illegal stog, and I'm golden for the game tonight.

One of these, an illegal stog, and I’m golden for the game tonight.


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