The Movie, “By The Gun”, Should Be Bypassed.

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I was scrolling through the new releases On Demand and came across “By The Gun”yesterday. It’s a mob movie about a young, up and coming, wise guy who’s looking to make his mark in what’s left of Boston’s Italian Mob scene. The cast showed some promise with Harvey Keitel and Richie Coster(who I loved in the short lived HBO drama Luck)


The movie wasn’t terrible to watch, but it just wasn’t any good either. I think I was starving for a good mob movie so much that I really wanted to like it, but it just wasn’t there. The lead character Nick, played by Ben Barnes, was just annoying in his portrayal of a wannabe gangster. He is climbing his way up the ladder to be a “made” guy and one of his last obstacles is to perform a hit for his boss, Harvey Keitel’s character, Sal. You find out Nick doesn’t have the stones to carry out the deed, but luckily his Irish buddy George, played well by Slaine, is there to pick him up and carry out the hit.


Nick becomes a Made guy after that. In the next scene they show the ceremony where they talk about, “our thing,” and other mob tales that seem like they are too cheesy to be true. It’s like the filmmaker watched a show on the History Channel about the mob, and then tried to fit all the cliches about them into this movie. Nick then hits the streets and is now seemingly transformed into this wise guy super-hero, shaking down other crews for a piece of their action.

Nick eventually falls for an enemy’s daughter, a pretty hot Leighton Meester, and starts a forbidden romance that gets him in deep shit with his boss. The whole plot is underdeveloped and stale, and at the end you really don’t care what the hell happens.

The worst part about the movie is the fact that Nick’s elder trusted advisor Jerry, who is played by Toby Jones, looks much closer to the old women in “Poltergeist” then he does a gangster. There is a scene where Jerry is trying to assassinate someone, and I just found myself laughing.


At least their are plenty of unnecessary tit shots to keep you interested. But don’t waste your time on this one, you’re better off just popping “Goodfellas,” “The Departed,” or even “The Boondock Saints,” in the DVD player and suiting your mob fix that way.

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