The Marlon Humphrey Pick By The Ravens Was A Reach

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We all know Ozzie loves his Bama guys, we all know the Ravens have had a weak secondary over the years (and you can never have enough corners), we all know the Ravens desperately needed a playmaker, and we all know Ozzie’s strategy that he sticks to more often than not is to take the best player on the board.

Marlon Humphrey checks the first three boxes, but he didn’t check the most important one. Humphrey was not the best player on the board. In fact, in his final mock draft, Mel Kiper had Humphrey going 28th to Dallas as the fourth corner off the board, not the second. Kiper had him going as low as 32 in his third mock draft.

But the thing that makes this pick so weird to me, is that Ozzie didn’t do what he has done so many times: trade back. There were TONS of talented players with high grades left in this draft, even a couple Bama guys who were top 10 talents. It’s obvious the Ravens saw Humphrey as their guy, and since that’s the case, I’m perfectly happy having him. If Ozzie thinks he’s the right guy for the job, then who am I to say otherwise? But were not talking about Deion Sanders here. Humphrey is a player you could afford to take the risk of losing by trading down a few spots, because the worst case scenario would have the Ravens adding a couple extra picks, and still get an immensely talented player, even if it isn’t Humphrey. And it certainly seemed like no one was taking Humphrey from them any time soon. Prices being paid to move up in the draft are CRAZY, and the Ravens should have taken advantage, and more than likely, could have still gotten their guy. Humphrey, although a talented player, was a reach at 16.

Obviously, we’ll never know how much interest there was from other teams in moving up to the 16th pick. My guess is there wasn’t much, based on how much talent was left, and the top skill position players were for the most part off the board. But still, it’s likely the Ravens could have gotten a nice little package from someone to move back, while at the same time likely they still could have gotten the player they coveted.

Weird, move by Ozzie, but I’m a fan of the player in general, and as we all know, corners are a premium position in this league.



Great way to instill confidence in your fan base by the head coach here:

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