The Lesser Of Two Evils Comes Out On Top

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Nobody was fooled into thinking that was a good game yesterday. Yes, the good guys came out on top but we certainly didn’t “win” the game by any means. Cincinnati simply lost the game more than we did. In a game riddled with turnovers, penalties, and stupidity, the Ravens made one less mistake that allowed them to notch the much needed victory.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel any better about our team today than I did last week. We still can’t run the ball effectively, our offense can’t move the ball consistently, and Ray Rice is a serious problem. For whatever reason he has fallen off of a cliff. His skills are rapidly declining to the point where I’m calling for his starting job. He isn’t breaking any tackles, he goes down when somebody breathes on him, and even with the ball in the open field he can’t make even one person miss. He actually saw some open field for the first time in a while yesterday and did nothing with it. He has no burst, his wiggle which used to be so effective is gone, and it’s time to limit his snaps. Bernard Pierce was much more effective with his touches yesterday, going for 31 yards on 8 carries and he had two grabs for twelve yards. Ray Rice on the other hand had 18 carries for a meager 30 yards and six catches for 26 yards. A year ago those six catches from Rice would have been at least forty or fifty yards. As much as I hate to say it, it’s time to play Rice as a change of pace back.

Joe Flacco had another tough day tossing two picks and only registering 140 yards. He did throw two TD’s though, which were both exceptional plays. The first one to Dallas Clark was a play action pass on the goal line that wasn’t there off the bat. Joe scrambled to his right buying time, and made a great throw on the run to Clark who had shaken open in the back of the end zone. The second TD was reminiscent of Boldin’s touchdown in the Super Bowl.  It was a quick jerk route over the middle that Joe put up high, but this time it was Torrey Smith who went up and made a spectacular catch in the end zone for the touchdown.


As far as the two picks Joe threw, the first he probably should have eaten the ball and taken the sack. He stepped up in the pocket and tried to deliver the ball when his arm was hit, causing the ball to flutter in the air. The second pick was on Joe as he had a ball sail on him. He actually should have had at least two other picks that the Bengals defenders dropped. As I stated before, neither team played well yesterday.

I found out a lot about both these teams yesterday. Both teams have very good defenses, and can get after the quarterback. Both teams have extremely inconsistent offenses, however the difference is the Bengals have more playmakers. AJ Green is one of the top three receivers in the league, and rookie Gio Bernard is what Ray Rice used to be, explosive. All in all Cincy is the better team, but not by much. I think the Bengals are a bit overrated.

It was nice to see a little creativity in the game plan yesterday as two of the biggest first half plays came on a flea flicker and an end around to backup QB Tyrod Taylor. The flea flicker drew a 48 yard pass interference call, and the end around went for 18 yards. It would be nice, now that teams have film on that, to use Taylor as a decoy to maybe jump start a run once in a while. Taylor would be what is called a ghost, meaning he comes around and gets a fake as Flacco first hands to the running back. This usually creates a gaping cutback lane as the back side end has to stay home and respect the ghost. The Ravens used to do this a lot and it created some big cutback runs, but I haven’t seen it much this year.

Unless the Ravens can go on the road and win this game in Chicago, this win won’t mean much. The Ravens are an abysmal 1-4 on the road this year. Their lone victory was in Miami, a game I attended. In fact the Ravens are undefeated in games I attend this year so if anybody wants to step up and fly me to Chicago I will gladly oblige and bring us home a win.  Any takers?

My bags are packed babes.

While it’s great to get a divisional win, the Ravens have a long way to go before they can consider themselves relevant in the playoff race. The best thing is they still control their own destiny, and they have a home game against the Jets, who may turn out to be our biggest wildcard competition.  Despite all of their problems, if the Ravens can figure out how to win a few road games, and continue to defend M&T, they still have a legitimate shot at the postseason.

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