“The League” Kills It Again

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No one, not even me, could, or would, ever think that a comedy series about a group of guys and their fantasy football league could stay on the air for six seasons.  But not only was the first episode of season six last night hilarious, but it was also fresh.  It wasn’t filled up with the same old one liners and quips that many successful series eventually turn to due to lack of direction.

l watt
With guest appearances from the likes of J.J .Watt, Mike Evans, Carlos Hyde, and Ryan Shazier, new life is constantly breathed into the series.  There was a hysterical scene involving Jordan Cameron and Cameron Jordan confronting Ruxton about which one of them he actually drafted.  And Taco continues to be my favorite character,  last night he wondered why he didn’t receive any of LaGarrett’s Blounts.

A short clip of Taco:

Maybe I enjoy the show so much because of how involved in fantasy football I am, but even my wife was laughing her ass off at the first episode (It’s safe to say she knows nothing about fantasy football.).  I love how they continue to push the envelope with racy situations and how they aren’t at all worried about offending conservative viewers.  I think the last scene of last nights episode proved that point quite well.  Check out The League of FXX on Wednesday nights.

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