The LA Rams ‘Hard Knocks’ Trailer Is The Least Exciting Thing Ever

Entertainment, Sports and Bets — May 13, 2016 at 9:34 am by

I love HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks.’ I mean who doesn’t? We can all live out our fantasies of playing for an NFL team. And the weird part is is that it makes you kind of like the team and players you’re watching. LOVED Brian Cushing in last year’s season on the Texans. Biggest douche bag I’ve ever seen in my life. Couldn’t be a bigger fan. He’s my spirit animal.

But this trailer for the Rams looks AWFUL. It’s bad enough the show doesn’t give us teams we even care about anymore. I get that the Rams have a rookie quarterback drafted number one overall, and they just moved to LA. But that’s about the extent of the highlights this season.

Plus it’s hard for me to get pumped up when the first thing I hear is Roger Goodell’s low key voice. I’m not a Goodell hater by any means, just stating facts.

All in all it looks like we’re off to another Jeff Fischer under .500 season. Can’t wait.




OBVIOUSLY I’m still gonna watch the season. It’s still the NFL, and it’s still ‘Hard Knocks.’

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