The Good & The Bad from the Battle of the Beltways (May 8-10 2017)

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Time to celebrate; the Orioles have once again won the MASN Cup!!  Ok, it was a rain shortened series but the Orioles took 2 out of 3 and it really should have been all three but we’ll get to that.  The Orioles took on one of the best teams in all of baseball and proved they belong in that same conversation.

GOOD: Kevin Gausman

So Kevin Gausman has not been very good during the 2017 season.  It’s been incredibly frustrating to watch because the talent level is there.  In game 1 of the series Kevin took the mound and finally showed us all how good he can be.  Gausman completed 7 innings allowing just 5 hits 2 runs and striking out 8.  Gausman did this against one of the better hitting lineups in baseball.  Five of the nine hitters in the DC lineup are hitting above .300.  Gausman was good but he needs to keep it going, especially with the latest bullpen struggles.

BAD: Brad Brach

Speaking of that bullpen, it was not a good series for Brad Brach.  Brach did pick up the save in game 1 in Baltimore but in the process gave up a run.  In the only game in DC that was played Brach entered the ninth inning with a 6-4 and was only able to record one out as the Nats won 7-6.  Brach gave up 4 hits 3 runs and walked one in the blown save on Wednesday night.  The Zach Britton injury is a blow to the Orioles, it will become a huge blow if the bullpen continues to blow saves.

GOOD: Caleb Joseph

The injury to Wellington Castillo has given Caleb Joseph a chance to get more playing time.  With that playing time Joseph has started to turn things around at the plate.  In the three games against the Nats Caleb went 6 for 13 with 2 runs batted in.  Joseph has also done a good job behind the plate.  Now Wellington Castillo when healthy is definitely the number one catcher.  However it’s good to be proven wrong, a few posts ago I talked about Joseph being a liability, doesn’t seem that way now.

BAD: Wade Miley

The start Miley had on Wednesday night wasn’t the worst he’s had but it wasn’t good either.  Like I mentioned before the Orioles bullpen is going through a rough time with Britton hurt and over use of the healthy arms.  That’s why it’s imperative for every starter to get as deep into the game as they can.  Miley lasted only 5 innings he gave up 5 hits 2 runs he walked 4 and threw 119 pitches.  Miley has been great this season so far and would’ve won the game here if it wasn’t for the bullpen, so I’m not going to go too hard on him.  It was one sub-par start, hopefully he turns it around.

Also the one thing I love about this series is seeing all the orange that makes the short trip to DC.  It’s nice to see our fans take over a stadium rather than the other way around.

The Orioles continue to play really good baseball, and take away a Brad Brach blown save they would have swept the rain shortened series and taken a 7 game winning streak into Kansas City.  Still, the Orioles enter KC with a 22-11 record and are still neck and neck with the New York Yankees in the American League East.

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