The Good & The Bad from Red Sox v. Orioles (April 21-23 2017)

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Well that was certainly an interesting series wasn’t it?  The Orioles faced another AL East opponent and won yet another series.  It puts the Orioles in first place by a game and half over the Yankees.  Let’s look back at the series that was against the Red Sox.

GOOD: Dylan Bundy

I can’t say it enough; Dylan Bundy is becoming a star right before our eyes.  On Friday night Bundy was again great pitching into the 8th inning allowing 6 hits no runs and striking out 3.  Bundy’s strikeout numbers never really jump off the page, but his ability to pitch out of tough situations has been impressive to watch.  After Friday night’s win over Boston, Bundy is now 3-1 on the season with an ERA of 1.37.  Every one of Bundy’s starts has gone at least 6 innings and he hasn’t given up a run in his last two starts.

BAD: Kevin Gausman

I don’t want it to seem like I’m picking on Kevin Gausman but his last two starts have been really bad.  Sunday against Boston before he could reach 10 pitches, the Red Sox had a 4-0 lead.  Gausman did settle down a little bit getting into the sixth inning before getting the pull from Showalter.  Even with an offense as good as Baltimore’s you can’t expect too many wins when you fall behind by 4 runs before you even get a chance to swing the bats.

GOOD: Bullpen

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as it’s maybe the strength of the ball club.  With Zach Britton’s injury the Orioles haven’t skipped a beat.  In the series against the Red Sox the bullpen pitched 8 and two thirds only allowing 1 run.  In game 1 Brad Brach picked up his third consecutive save and on Saturday night Donnie Hart and Darren O’Day together got the final three outs.  For most clubs if they lost their closer, especially one as good as Britton, for any amount of time it would be crippling, for the Orioles it’s just business as usual.

GOOD: Manny Machado & Orioles show restraint

Now I usually do two good and two bad things from a series but thought this worth noting.  Now unless you were under a rock the whole weekend, you know the deal.  Manny slide hard into second base and Dustin Pedroia was hurt, Boston thought it was intentional, Baltimore denied intent to injure.  So on Sunday with the Sox having a 6-0 Matt Barnes decides to throw at Manny with a 90 mph fastball.  I give Manny some props here, he had to have known this was coming before the Sox left Baltimore and instead of charging the mound and facing suspension, he showed restraint and had an RBI double later in the at bat.  It shows a ton of maturity from Manny that he might not have had maybe a year or two ago.  It’s unfortunate because this incident overshadowed a weekend where the Orioles took 2 out of 3 against Boston.

The 12-5 Orioles continue to play American League East squads as the Tamp Bay Rays come into Baltimore on Monday for a 3 game series.  It’s the first meeting between Baltimore and Tampa in 2017, the Orioles won the 2016 season series by going 13-6 against the Rays.


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  1. The orioles played Tampa 3 games in Tampa already this year

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