The Good & The Bad from Orioles v. Yankees (April 28-30 2017)

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Well that was an ugly weekend in New York, but at the end of the day they walk away in a tie for first place and their first series loss of the season.  As much as I don’t want to, let’s look back at the weekend that was in New York City.

GOOD: Manny Machado’s bat is heating up

If you watched Friday night you saw and epic collapse by the Orioles, trust me we’ll get to that.  You also saw Manny Machado just murder a baseball, 470 feet to center field.  Manny had hits in two of the 3 games in the series and even had a couple really hard hit balls that were caught.  Manny’s batting average is still not where you’d like to be but Machado swung the bat really well in New York and seems ready to bust out very soon.

BAD: Ninth Inning woes

Friday night sucked, really bad.  The Orioles had a 9-1 lead and entered the ninth inning with an 11-8 lead.  The Yankees scored 3 times and would eventually win 14-11 in the tenth.  So after that debacle most would have just thought well you won’t see that often from the Orioles bullpen, wrong.  Sunday the Orioles entered the ninth inning with a 4-2 lead and Donnie Hart couldn’t get the Orioles out of the jam O’Day put them in and gave up both runs that forced extras.  Luckily, the Orioles won on Sunday to avoid the sweep.  It still won’t happen very often but for at least one weekend the Orioles bullpen was really bad.

GOOD: Wellington Castillo

When Matt Wieters signed with the Nationals not many people were as upset as I was.  However the more I watch Castillo the less upset I get.  Castillo played in two of the three games.  Castillo hit .400 with a home run and 3 RBI, including a huge RBI single in Sunday’s win to help them salvage one game in the series.

BAD: Orioles first basemen go hitless

In somewhat of a weird stat, Chris Davis and Trey Mancini both played first base in this series against the Yankees and both failed to register a hit.  Davis played Friday and Saturday and went 0 for 8 with 5 strikeouts.  The more concerning thing with Davis is seeing his average beginning to steadily fall.  Since April 12TH Davis has seen his average go from .311 to .238.  Mancini got a start at first base on Sunday and couldn’t get a hit either going 0 for 6.

THE STREAK IS OVER!!!!  Caleb Joseph finally drove in a run!!  I mean it was in a 12-2 game and really meant nothing to the final score but at least we don’t have to talk about it anymore.

So now the Orioles have lost their first series and even though it was a very ugly series, the Orioles leave New York in a tie for first place.  The great thing about baseball is that you can quickly erase any bad results or games almost immediately.  Up next for the O’s is believe it or not another series against an American League East team, the Boston Red Sox.  The four game series start on Monday, and Monday’s game happens to be on ESPN, I guess ESPN is hoping for a carryover from last weekend.  Over/Under how many times they reference/talk about Manny’s slide and him being thrown at?  I’m going at least 10.


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