The Good & The Bad from Orioles v. Red Sox (April 11-12 2017)

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Talk about a tale of two different games up in Boston.  Game 1 a 8-1 loss, Game 2 a 12-5 win. It was another short two game series for the Baltimore Orioles but that doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of good and bad from the series against Boston

GOOD: Trey Mancini

Ever since Mancini was called up to the big club last season, I’ve been a fan.  He has tremendous power and seems really poised out there.  Against the Red Sox, Mancini had himself a nice little series.  Mancini was 3 for 7 in the series including a 2 homerun 4 RBI performance in Wednesday’s win.  Mancini even played decent in the field for a guy we were told is not an outfielder.  There is one surefire way to ensure Buck Showalter will continue to call your number and that’s produce, that’s what he’s doing.

BAD: Jonathan Schoop

Don’t let his home run in Wednesday’s win cloud your judgment, it was a struggle for Schoop in Boston.  In the two games Schoop went 2 for 7 and was part of that disastrous 7TH inning in game 1, misjudging a fly ball.  I’ve also noticed a couple of Schoop’s throws in the dirt when throwing to first, mostly when trying to complete a double play.  It’s not a huge deal but worth noting.  Here’s hoping the HR and the RBI Single late in the game turns things around for the second baseman.

GOOD: Dylan Bundy

Maybe this start against Boston wasn’t as impressive as his Blue Jays start but it was really solid.  Bundy went 6 and a third with 3 earned runs and two strikeouts.  Again not numbers that will jump off the page at you but he kept the Orioles in the game.  Bundy is showing early signs that this might be a breakout year for the young starter.  Also, through 7 games Dylan Bundy is the only Orioles starter to reach the seventh inning, and he’s done it twice.

BAD: Ubaldo Jimenez

As I continue to do these good and bad lists for each series, I have a feeling that Ubaldo will be prominent in the bad section.  On Wednesday night Ubaldo was handed a 9-0 lead and could not finish 5 innings.  Ubaldo’s line was 4.1 IP, 8 hits, 5 ER and 1 strikeout.  Ubaldo’s ERA after two starts is 10.38.  Watching Ubaldo pitch in the orange and black has been very frustrating.

GOOD: Wellington Castillo

So far I’m a fan of the addition of Wellington Castillo.  Castillo went 5 for 8 in the two games in Boston with 2 huge RBI in game 2 that put the game away for the Orioles.  Castillo on the season so far is hitting .409 and has at least 1 hit in 5 of the 6 games he has played in.  Good thing too, because I suggest Orioles fans don’t look south at what a certain former catcher is doing with the Nationals.

Bonus Good: Gary Thorne complaining about a guy on his cell phone at the gym.  I’m with ya Gary, that is if I ever go to a gym.

Seven games down and the Orioles are 5-2, first place in the American League East.  Up next the Orioles travel north of the border for the first time in 2017.  The Blue Jays have gotten off to a slow start with a record of 1-7 they are in the midst of a 5 game losing streak.

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