The Good & (Mostly) Bad from Twins v. Orioles (May 22-24 2017)

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Well that was a bad series, I can honestly say that I’m starting to get a tad concerned about where this season is going. It’s not just the bad results, it’s who these bad results are against.  Being swept by the Royals, losing two out of three against Detroit and now being swept by the Twins.  Now I know Minnesota was in first place coming into this series, but these aren’t last year’s Cubs, and being swept at home is never a good thing no matter how good the other team is.

GOOD: Dylan Bundy’s rebound start

In the Detroit series, probably for the first time this season we saw Bundy struggle for most of his outing. Against Minnesota in the second game he definitely rebounded but was the hard luck loser.  Bundy threw six innings and gave up just 2 runs on 6 hits and he struck out 7.  Unfortunately for Bundy the Orioles lineup was pretty much non existent only registering 2 hits all night.  Bundy’s record dropped to 5-3 despite his ERA now being at 2.92.

BAD: (sigh) Ubaldo again

Well Monday night was an ugly one. The Orioles jumped out to an early 5-0 lead and seemed ready to coast to a nice victory.  Ubaldo Jimenez had other plans, Ubaldo was taken out in the 5TH inning after allowing Minnesota to get back into the game.  Tyler Wilson didn’t add much relief; in fact he might’ve been worse.  Ubaldo’s final stat line for Monday was 4 innings 6 runs and 9 hits.  Ubaldo Jimenez has been a very up and down pitcher in Baltimore, and it’s been mostly down.  How much longer can Buck Showalter continue to put him out there every 5 days?

GOOD: Alec Asher more scoreless innings

Ok, I’ll admit finding a second thing that was good from this series was tough. Pitching for the most part was bad, and other than Monday night and the seventh inning of Wednesday the offense was pretty bad as well.  I’ve mentioned before how big a fan I am of Alec Asher; he’s not changing my mind.  Asher only pitched in one game against Minnesota but it was two scoreless innings that kept the O’s in the game.  Asher is on a streak of 7 and two thirds scoreless innings, lowering his season ERA to 2.17.  PUT HIM IN THE ROTATION!!!

BAD: Chris Tillman

So this might be a tad harsh because I feel Tillman is still kind of in Spring Training mode but game 3 was a struggle for the O’s ace. Tillman needed 36 pitches to get out of the first inning and he also gave up three runs in the process.  Tillman gave up another run in the second and was out of the game at the end of five innings.  Again, not going to be too harsh since this was only his fourth start of the season but the way this pitching staff is looking the quicker the Orioles can get good Tillman the better.

So are we starting to worry or is this just the typical lull that most baseball teams go through in the painstakingly long season? I wouldn’t say it’s full on panic but if you are a fan you have to be at least a little concerned.  On May 9 the Orioles were 22-10 and in first place after a walk off win against the Nationals, since then they have gone just 3-10, dropping their record to 25-20.  The Orioles haven’t been this close to being at .500 since they were 9-4 on April 19.  It’s not going to get any easier, after an off day on Thursday the Orioles travel to Houston to take on the team with the best record in the American League in the Astros.


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