The Good and The Bad of Maryland’s Foster Farms Bowl Bid

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When it was announced that Maryland would play Stanford in the Foster Farms Bowl I was initially a bit baffled.  And I don’t mean, “What the hell is Foster Farms,” baffled, either.  I had been tracking Maryland’s bowl projections since preseason, and this wasn’t the one I was expecting.  But once the shock wore off I was able to think things through. Here are my thoughts on Maryland’s Bowl bid.

The Good:

We’re playing Stanford. This is good for a couple of reasons. First of all, Stanford is a high level program. Hell, Andrew Luck was under center there not to long ago and I’d say he’s doing OK right about now. So this is an opportunity for Maryland to get a win over a team and program that’s better than the Terps. Had Maryland gotten sent to some smaller bowl where they blow out some B.S. North West Central Tennessee State team, or something of that ilk, what good would that have done? Stanford is a quality opponent, and they don’t play in the SEC. Thank the lord for that. Stanford’s better than Maryland, but if the Terps drew just about anyone from the SEC they would have no chance, and I wouldn’t have slept for three weeks.

The Bad:

This is the Foster Farms Bowl. That says a lot about what’s bad here.  I literally had to Google “Foster Farms” because I had no clue what they did. (They are a west coast poultry company)  I guess their advertising budget is going to good use  because they got a Google search out of guy like me. This is a far cry from a big time bowl. What’s really sucks about this is that the game is in California. I love my Terps and was prepared for a 10-12 hour road trip to watch them play in a bowl game, but Santa Clara California is a little more than I can handle. On the flip, side Levi’s Stadium, where this Bowl will be played, is about a half an hour from the Stanford Campus. Sounds like a nice commute for the Cardinal Faithful. Meanwhile east coast Terps fans are getting a Tuesday night 10 PM EST start time. There were a lot of bowl games from the Bronx to Nashville that would have been a much better fit for Maryland. But enough of my bitching, we’re going to stick it to the man and beat those Cardinals, home field and all.

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