The Game Sucked, People Hate Flacco, I Hate Skip Bayless, The Ravens Will Be Fine, and I Hate Peyton Manning

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I’ve been fuming all day over the debacle that was the home, (no wait) road opener, and in doing so I’ve come to a couple of realizations.

1. The majority of the national media truly enjoys bashing Joe Flacco and the Ravens. After watching the idiot box that is ESPN,  it’s obvious that there’s a bias against him.  I don’t get it,  all the guy has done is win.  He’s a humble, good natured dude who works hard and does what is asked of him.  But a large group a journalist, led by Skip “The Ratboy”  Bayless and Woody “Ten Necks” Paige, fail to give Joe credit.  To them the playoff and Super Bowl Wins were all about Ed Reed and Ray Lewis.  Maybe these assholes don’t realize that Ed Reed, for as great as he is, was only a part of one playoff win before Joe Flacco became a Raven.  Or maybe they fail to realize that if you set aside the Super Bowl run for Lewis, the same fact holds true for him. Joe Flacco is the reason the Ravens have found success in the post season.  He has brought stability, professionalism, and stardom to a position that had previously been a train wreck for Baltimore.   He carried this team during the playoff run last year and was the Super Bowl MVP.  The media needs to shut the fuck up about Flacco.   Can you imagine if Peyton Manning or Tom Brady had thrown that pass in Denver last season during the playoffs?   Paige and Bayless would have lockjaw and skinned knees from kneeling down if front of the golden boys.  Joe throws it, and all people talk about is Rahim Moore.  It’s bullshit.

suked 2

Opened wide for Brady’s member

2. The Ravens will be fine on offense.  Considering the circumstances, Flacco played pretty well.  Was the fake pick 6 ugly? Sure, but if you have to throw over 60 times, you’re bound to throw some ugly picks.  And yes, the Ravens were plagued by drops, but I can guarantee you that Dallas Clark won’t drop a ball like he did that TD for the rest of the season.  Clark was actually pretty effective, especially for a guy who was signed just 3 weeks ago.  Also, Ed Dickson will be fine.  He showed speed and quickness, we’ll attribute the drops to rust, he didn’t play all preseason.  Meanwhile, Marlon Brown is a nice find for the Raven scout team.  He has nice hands, has size, and he is not intimidated in the least.  He may end up being the possession guy on the outside if Torrey Smith keeps getting double teamed.

3. This game may have been unwinnable, but it may be a blessing in disguise.  I thought the Ravens could go into Denver and win, but this game was stacked against them big time.  The scheduling bullshit, going back to the scene of the greatest playoff win in team history to face a rabid team and crowd, playing Peyton Manning with a defense that hasn’t had time to gel, and playing in the heat and altitude, all were factors that lead to their demise.  Throw in the in-game injuries, a dropped TD pass, and a momentum changing catch on third down that wasn’t actually a catch, and you’ve got a big ol’ loss on your hands.  Oh, and the blocked punt didn’t help either.  But now the game is over and done.  The Ravens can turn the page and they’ve got 10 days to rest and review.   The Ravens can now work on fixing the defensive communication issues.  It’s a huge, early season wake up call.  Remember Houston last year?  That was an early season blow out loss, and the Ravens responded well to that defeat.  Also remember that this is the farthest west that the Ravens will have to travel all season.  No lengthy time changes and no more long, routine changing road trips.  This is an advantage, especially during the late season grind.

4. Peyton Manning is cool as shit and classy as hell, but I still hate him like a motherfucker.

sucked 2

Don’t touch that receiver dammit!

5. The Ravens run D is sick.  The Broncos got manhandled in the box on run plays. Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs, and Daryl Smith all played extremely well against the run.  Unfortunately for us, Peyton Manning isn’t a running back.

6. I don’t like the way the game is played all that much anymore.  This is the kind of game the NFL wants.  Over 100 pass plays, high scoring and big plays.  While fun to watch sometimes, this style of football is already getting old to me.   Where is the D?  More and more games look like track meets.  Physical play, dominating defenses, tough runs between the tackles, work horse running backs, and the drama that comes with hard fought yards are all becoming a thing of the past.  The rules are too skewed in favor of the offense and the passing game.  It’s almost stupid not to pass, any downfield contact is free yardage.  80-100 passes a game are becoming the norm, and I think it sucks.

7. In the NFL sometimes you just get beat.  The way I see it, everybody takes a beating sometimes.  Just like Henry Hill in GoodFellas.

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  1. First game of the season. Can’t take much away from it, other than the Ravens did not looked ready.

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