The First Ever Pro Football Female Running Back Played This Weekend. It Didn’t Go Well

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Jennifer Welter played running back this weekend for the Texas Revolution in a pro 8-on-8 arena league football game.  This makes her the first non-kicker, female pro football player.  Welter, who is 36 years old, and all of 130 pounds, got 3 carries and lost 2 yards.  She was absolutely destroyed every time she touched the football, and it was pretty obvious that she didn’t belong on the field.  That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have guts.  She definitely does. My fat ass wouldn’t go out there and get my head caved in by those dudes, that’s for damn sure. But as evidenced by the short videos below, it didn’t go well, babes.

A few other observations:

* 130 pounds is not big enough to play running back in high school, let alone pro football.

*Why did they put her at running back and not wide receiver?

*Sorry, but at this level, women shouldn’t be playing football.

Instagram vids are from Louis Ojeda J. of Fox Sports.

Not happening babes…


Short yardage and they give it to their 130 pound back?  Yikes.


 More problems…

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