The Firefly Lineup Is Finally Here

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In case you haven’t been following along, the lineup situation for the annual Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware has been a total disaster. The release date for the lineup has been moved back and forth several times, and fans have been growing restless on Firefly’s social media accounts and message boards. Today, Firefly finally released their lineup, and it’s almost virtually identical to a leaked lineup from about a month ago. So pretty much all this stressful anticipation has been for naught. The only main difference is that the leak included Paul McCartney as a headliner, and Firefly still hasn’t revealed their third headliner.


Having a headliner blurred out really fucking irritates me. After all the delays and broken promises, how the hell can you give me a lineup missing a headliner? It’s like Christmas morning is here and my mom just told me there’s a present in the attic that I can’t open yet. What a crock of shit. All signs point to the missing headliner being Paul McCartney, so I’m probably getting worked up for nothing. Hell, even if the third headliner is a middle school chorus, I’ll still be at The Woodlands come June 18 with an RV stocked to the brim with beer, booze, and overweight white men.

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cover pic: Speak Into My Good Eye

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