The Field Of 68 – Time For Pretenders To Give Way

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Everyone in the NCAA Tournament gets a “trophy”. The N.C.A.A. tourney allows everyone to get a ” trophy”  just for making an appearance.  The trophy will hang from the rafters of their own field house in the form of a nice banner that gets honored as a major achievement. Can you believe all of that hogwash?  Championships should be all that really matter.  Don’t you think?  That’s the only banner worth a damn in my book.  Now that the first round is over, all the teams that don’t really belong can get back on their buses and go back  to where they came from.  They can then hang their “trophy”.   By the time this blog makes it to post the second round will be under way.  Unlike Seabass, I like to watch these teams play a round before I dive in and dissect.

 As I watched the first round games I can’t help but think how inept the selection committee is. You can see it just by these first round results.  The so-called upset game is usually the #12 vs. #5. That is a popular game to pick for so many. In the first round three #12 seeds easily beat the #5 seeds in the examples of Ole Miss, Oregon, and Cal. They weren’t upsets, they were beat-downs.  Another   observation from the 1st round begged the question;  is Georgetown that much of a choke artist fraud or did we under value F.G.C.U? From what I watched that game was not really an upset;  F.G.C.U.  was better than Georgetown at all five positions. And it was glaring…

Kansas has won 30 games this year and I didn’t see one N.B.A. talent on that team. They hung on to win against a #16 seed. So I ask again, is Kansas overvalued or is Western Kentucky really an 8 seed in drag?   How about the display that # 1 seed Gonzaga put on for the national audience. They played like marshmallows. But they survived and moved on like the popular saying goes. Who made up that stupid saying anyway? The # 1 seeds  Kansas, and Gonzaga may have moved on, but I bet that Mark Few and Bill Self didn’t sleep very well last night.  They are vulnerable and they know it.

On the other side of the scale are the teams that are well seeded that  leave no doubt about the outcome.  A.K.A  Indiana , Ohio St., Louisville , and my pick to cut down the nets, Miami. I love that quality in a team . Killer Instinct.  I feel like Miami in particular is on a mission.

Miami is loaded with talent and are peaking again at the perfect time after a short lull toward the end of their season. Let us not forget the coach here as well. Jim Larranaga is one good basketball mind who really knows how to plan and work a game.  And does he ever motivate…

Jim Larranaga


So , the round of 32 will have  a few  really good games coming up this weekend. A must see is Michigan-VCU. VCU  has about 8 really good basketball players on that roster.They keep coming and coming at you. They are so suffocating it seems they have all eight of those very good players on the court at the same time…I like that style so that means that I like them…

Three others I like:

Creighton over Duke is going to happen especially if Creighton gets off to a good start.

Ohio St. over Iowa St.    Not even close. Craft pressures the ball better than anyone , and Iowa St. will have a tough time scoring.

Miami  Over Illinois.   Canes will turn them in , turn them out , and turn them into sauerkraut

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  1. VCU didn’t quite smother Michigan! Time for some breakdown of FGCU!!

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