The Fat Lady is Singing, But It’s OK O’s Fans

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So with Tuesday night’s pathetic loss at home the Orioles were officially knocked out of postseason contention, as the fat lady started belting out opera. I tried to stay positive until the end, but Friday night’s 18 Inning marathon loss was the real dagger. How the hell is anyone supposed to take a loss like that and rebound a few hours later? You’re not. It’s not that I think the Orioles gave up by any means, but with that loss the momentum swung so far for the Rays that the Birds were left beaten, demoralized, and ready to play some god-damn golf.

Tee it up babes

I was as heartbroken as anyone after that Friday night loss because I knew what it meant. I spent the rest of the weekend drowning my Orioles sorrow in the bottom of a bottle.  Now that it’s official that Orioles won’t be playing October baseball’ I’m not sure what exactly to think about. I was pretty thankful to see the FedEx guy drop off my playoff tickets Wednesday morning like they’re worth a crap now. As pissed off as am about the epic collapse in Tampa, there is a positive side to the 2013 Season.

Even the Bird was boozin’ after the 18 inning debacle

We didn’t get back to the promised land but it wasn’t a complete wash. Most people outside of Charm City wrote the 2012 Orioles off as a mistake or just plain luck, and they had us picked to be just as terrible as ever this season. Well we’re still here you pricks. We might have come up short this year but look at everything that went right. Chris Davis is a freak. Manny deserves a gold glove. Tillman became an Ace, and Bud Norris is here to stay. We finally don’t owe Brian Roberts anymore money. Jones is still swinging at some garbage but he also drove in over a 100 RBIs and 30 some HR’s;  he’s still going to be a cornerstone of this team for years to come. Defensively when this season is done, the Orioles will have crushed the record for fewest errors committed in a 162 game season. Most importantly we’re not losing anything this off-season that can’t be replaced. So overall, it’s okay to be pissed off  for the next couple of days, but in the meantime we can still enjoy some young kids coming up to make their MLB debuts like Jonathan Schoop, and know that while this season is over the dream isn’t. Like Arnold in The Terminator we will be back, I promise you that.

Welcome to the Bigs.

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