‘The Fabtastic Four’ Beatles Tribute Band Will Be At Looney’s This Sunday, So Here Are My Top 10 Beatles Songs

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It’s St. Paddy’s Day and this weekend is going to be a shitshow no matter where you go.  Per usual, Looney’s Pub North goes over the top with their festivities. Between the live music and never ending Car Bombs, it is a no brainer for the place to be. Come Sunday, if you’re still standing, it’s back to Looney’s for a Beatles Tribute band. The Fabtastic Four. They will be hitting the stage on Sunday, and every Beatles fan should be sure to check these guys out.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 Beatles songs (In no particular order).

1)      Love Me Do – Anytime you want to declare your love for someone and shout it at the roof tops, this is the song for the ages

2)      Hey Jude – This ballad is one of their longer songs but never gets old and is always inspiring  

3)      Let It Be – who knew three little words could be the best advice ever

4)      Here Comes The Sun – This is the song to pick you up on a cold winter day

5)      While My Guitar Gently Weeps – This song has a great guitar solo for when you’re feeling  like a rock star

6)      Dear Prudence – If you’re feeling down and need a pick me up just listen to this and pretend they are singing to you

7)      I Want To Hold Your Hand – This US breakthrough hit is still number one in my heart, and is still one of their catchiest songs

8)      Twist and Shout-The jam that gets the party started. Ferris Bueller anyone?

9)      All You Need Is Love– This is a sappy tune that really tugs at the heart strings

10)   With A Little Help From My Friends – Anytime you want to sit back and enjoy your friendships, this is the song for you

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