The Eagle from The Muppets Is Reportedly Hooking Up With Tiger’s Ex

Entertainment, Featured — March 15, 2013 at 4:15 pm by

This guy here…….


Looks like this guy here…


But he has a billion dollars, and when you have a billion dollars it doesn’t matter if you look like Sam the Eagle from the Muppets.  With a billion dollars Sam the Eagle gets to spit his game to this chix here…

Coca Cola Presents Tiger Jam VI Benefitting Tiger Woods Foundation-Arrivals & Concert

Yep that’s Tiger’s ex, Elin.  Apparently she’s dating 53 year old billionaire Chris Cline.  Good for him, she’s 20 goddamn years younger, and after she fleeced Tiger for all that cash, he’s gotta know she’s not golddiggin’ him right?  Anyway if this guy was just some dude off the streets, he may look like some creepy older dude who has somehow coerced this hot piece of Northern European ass to date him; maybe bribing her with U.S. citizenship or some shit.  But since he is ultra rich, people will see him as a distinguished looking man with a beautiful lady in league with his standing.  Actually since their both rich, they’ll be jammed down our throats as the newest “celebrity couple.” Can’t wait to read about them while I’m in line at the fucking grocery store!  Either way it’s good to see that one of my childhood heroes can still get it up!




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