The Dust Has Settled, Now Babes Weighs In: Did Cincy Overpay For Andy Dalton?

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by Babes

Many NFL analysis and radio personalities are balking over the new Andy Dalton deal.  Six years, worth up to 115 million bucks, that’s a big commitment.  But a lot like the Colin Kaepernick deal, there is a in backdoor for the team a few years down the road.  If they aren’t satisfied with Dalton after three years, they could conceivably escape the deal, and not be in cap prison for the next three years.

To me, this deal makes perfect sense for a few reasons.  First and foremost, the Bengals have no other viable options at quarterback on their roster.  Marvin Lewis’ team is built to win now, and it would be asinine to make this talented core of players suffer through a QB rebuild.  Right now Andy Dalton gives them the best chance to win.  I mean what’s the alternative, AJ McCarron and his girlfriend?  Sign Alex Smith next year if he makes it to free agency?  By default, Dalton is their best option.

By most accounts, Dalton has steadily improved every year in the NFL.  Three years and three playoff appearances, with a 30-18 regular season record.  The only real knock on Dalton’s track record is, of course, the dismal playoff record and performances. Some say he is not a clutch quarterback, he doesn’t get it done in crunch time.  He does have five, fourth quarter comebacks, and ten game winning drives, that’s not terrible.  Yes, those game winning numbers are average, which is a lot like Andy Dalton, a little better than average.

Andy Dalton is not a talented NFL quarterback.  He does not possess good arm strength, he is not terribly athletic, and he is very much a product of his talented supporting cast.  But all those things don’t mean he can’t be a successful quarterback.  He is a solid leader in the locker room and he is fully capable of running an efficient offense.  Not everyone can launch a ball five yards like Flacco, or knock a receiver over on a slant like Cutler.  And just because you have those tools doesn’t mean you’ll be successful, either.

As far as the money, it’s what quarterbacks are getting paid people, so get used to it.  Being a starting QB in the NFL is a lot like being a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, it pays extremely well, but comes with immense pressure.  There are 15-20 good starting quarterbacks right now in the NFL, and the going rate is about twenty million a year, it is what it is.

In summation, I agree with Cincy in their decision to sign Dalton.  I feel they did the right thing in signing him now as opposed to going the way the Ravens did, letting Flacco play out his rookie contract.  Only bad things could have happened to the Bengals if they had waited.  He could have played well and it would have cost them more money, or he could have played poorly and they would have had to dump him.  This way they can move forward with optimism, and not have to deal with the spike in QB average salary next year.  Dalton doesn’t scare me as a Raven fan the way Big Ben does, but he still is fully capable of keeping Cincy competitive for the next few years.

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