“The Chode’s Famous Chili” Is Now, “The Chode’s Award Winning and Famous Chili.”

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by The Chode

Chode’s Famous Chili.  Check that, now it’s Chode’s Award Winning and Famous Chili:

It was a hell of a day for a Chili Cook off in Dundalk last Saturday at The Hard Yacht Café. The weather was beautiful (isn’t it always in Dundalk), the bar was crowded, the live music was on point, and the buckets of booze were flowing.

The good news is  that Chode’s Famous Chili is now known as “Chode’s Award Winning and Famous Chili”.

Anyone who has ever posted up behind ABC rental (it will always be Staples to me, but whatever) for a Ravens’ tailgate knows the Chode has made a Chili or two in his day, but the competition at the Hard Yacht Saturday was serious, as 20 some people showed up with their best chili to offer. The Judges did their thing and the Chode’s secret recipe held up for third place!

Maybe it was only Bronze, but hey its a better finish than the USA hockey Team.


The Bronze made the chili powder to the eye worth it.

“ The pain will go away, but the medal is here to stay”

The Chili Cook Off benefited the Red Devils, who help support women and their families stricken with breast cancer.  The Hard Yacht Café is located at 8500 Cove Road in Dundalk, Md. 21224

Check em out Hard Yacht Cafe

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  1. You sure that was chili powder in your eye?

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