The Browns Continue To Be…..The Browns

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by Babes

As an NFL fan it’s really nice to have a team in your favorite team’s division who is always the doormat.  You can always count on this particular team coming in last; it’s as sure as the sunrise, babes.  In our division, the AFC North, it’s the Cleveland Browns.  That’s how we as Ravens’ fans know our squad had a bad season in 2013; because our boys lost a game at the dump that is Cleveland.  The Ravens had beaten the Browns the previous 12 times.
The Browns aren’t even safe from looking bad in the offseason. The news out of Cleveland today indicates our lowly division mates are ramping up for another season of mediocrity.  Now the Browns have fired CEO Joe Banner and GM Michael Lombardi after just one year with the team.  This ax job comes after the Browns fired their head coach of only one season, Rod Chudzinski.  Does this new regime of head coach Mike Pettine, and GM Ray Farmer even stand a chance to last more than a calender year or two?  How is anybody supposed to build anything substantial in just 12months?

It’s hard to imagine why Cleveland is so habitually bad because they have a ton of elite players on their roster (that’s what happens when your constantly picking in the top five of the draft every year.).  They have the best left tackle in football in Joe Thomas, the brightest young star receiver in the league in Josh Gordon, and a top three cover man in Joe Haden.  Their overall defensive unit is very good, they can stop the run, rush the passer, and cover in the secondary.  What they don’t have is a quarterback and that spells out the majority of their problems.  They passed on guys like Russell Wilson and Ryan Tannyhill to take Trent Richardson and Brandon Weedon.  Lucky for them they get a do over pick with the trade of Richardson in which they recouped a mid first round pick.
I look for the Browns to be big players at the top of the draft to guarantee that they finally get the QB they feel is their future.  I would not be surprised to see them trade up to grab this franchise quarterback; whether that be Jonny Manziel or another top prospect.  I also think the Browns will be in the running for top RB free agent Ben Tate, to fill the void left at the position with the Richardson trade.  Whatever it is they choose to do, I’m quite sure it will turn out poorly;  the Browns just can’t seem to put a contender together.  I hope for the Ravens’ sake that continues, and I also hope that they keep the carousel of head coaches and front office executives turning.  Because they will never be able to climb out of the cellar of an always tough division without some sort of continuity in their organization.

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