The Borgata Is Having A $10,000 Guaranteed Free Throw Tournament

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The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City is hosting a $10,000 Guaranteed Basketball Free Throw Tournament on Saturday, March 21. It’s the first-ever skill based tournament, and it’s probably going to single-handedly revolutionize the gaming industry. Slots, table games, and poker are old news, babes. High stakes KanJam, cornhole, wiffle ball, beer pong, XBOX, Monopoly, Twister, roshambo, and others will soon fill your favorite casino. The times they are a-changin’. Here’s the breakdown of the tourney from The Borgata.

The $10,000 Guaranteed Basketball Free Throw Tournament features a $20 buy-in (1 rebuy permitted) and consists of three rounds each 90 seconds in length. Participants will compete to play in the final round of 16 in bracket format. The winner of each pairing will advance to the next level of the bracket until a champion is crowned. The top 4 participants from the final round will be awarded a collective prize pool of $10,000:


1ST Place: 50% $5,000
2ND Place: 30% $3,000
3RD Place: 10% $1,000
4TH Place: 10% $1,000
*Places 5 through 16 will be awarded $100 Bonus Slot Dollars or $100 Match Play, whichever the participant prefers.

Finally, I’ll be able to reap some financial benefits from my fundamentally sound basketball game. See you chumps on the court. I can already taste my celebratory Sizzler.

via The Big Lead & The Borgata
cover pic: Basement Rejects

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