That’s a Man Baby!

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man baby

I know this story is getting beat like a dead horse, but I can’t resist making fun of this Te’O clown.  If the Ravens even think about drafting this drama queen, I’ll quit watching football.  After I heard the voice mails of this dude Tuiasosopo pretending to be a chick, I almost threw up my freakin’  lunch.  I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that Manti fell for this man- chick, or the fact that he is actually allowing his/her lovie- dovie voice mails to be played back on the Katie Couric Show.  I mean if you’re going to make yourself look like a sissified dope/loser in front of a bunch of  crocodile teared women, at least do it on Oprah for crap’s sake.  Who is this kid’s agent?  Do your confession/ non-admission to Jeremy Schaap on ESPN  and be done with it.  And Manti, it may serve you well to heed the warnings of Mr. Austin Powers in the future:

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  1. At least this clown didn’t win the heisman.

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