That Nasty Four Letter Word—-DUKE

Sports and Bets — February 10, 2013 at 10:41 pm by

Boy, I just hope that I live long enough to see this article make it to press. While watching the Duke-Boston College basketball game on ESPN U, I Found myself fed up to the eyeballs with that Duke mystique/ biased officiating. Is it just me or do others see the obvious. Some things never change, and i don’t mean Coach K’s hair color.  By the way, I would never send my son to play for anyone that dies his hair twice a week.

For thirty years I have been watching as the good ole boy club (College basketball officials) let the Dukies get away with murder. The last play of the game last night made me feel sick for the BC  student body. They had just taken the better portion of the day to dig through forty inches of snow. Their team played an inspired game throughout and came up just a little bit short.  The last play saw a Duke player undercut a BC player who with two seconds left had secured an offensive rebound. He probably would have put it back in for the  well deserved win. The Zebras swallowed their whistle and you probably know the rest of the story.  I found myself kicking and throwing things just as I have for thirty some years.  I had to grab myself around the neck , just to remind myself that i am no longer twenty eight but fifty eight.  See, i told you some things never change.

This sets Duke up for a number 1 seed come tournament time, which wouldn’t be justified as things stand right now. Duke is second in the ACC with a 7-2 conference record. The best team in the ACC is talented Miami, who invades Cameron in early March. They walloped Duke by twenty- five just two weeks ago. They lead Duke by two full games in the ACC , but are only ranked 9th nationally. Can you say conspiracy ? I’m just saying. Duke next plays North Carolina, then comes to Maryland Saturday.  Maybe we can all petition the NCAA to send some gray haired, non ACC officials to work that Maryland game.At least they might be trusted to some degree . I stress might.  Well all I can say is Let’s go Terps, and if they can’t do it, maybe Miami will pound The Dukies for Cliff’s sake……



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