That Game Was Such A Joke

Sports and Bets — October 16, 2016 at 4:41 pm by



It’s the same fucking story week in and week out with this team. Close games, can’t come through in the clutch, can’t finish, can’t score on 1st and Goal from the 3, can’t do anything right. It looked like the new Ravens offense was flying high under Mornhinweg, even with an insanely unhealthy offensive line, and just like always, the offense stalled. Penalties destroyed this team today. For all the complaining about the offensive play calling under Marc Trestman, it’s pretty tough for Mornhinweg to step in and be successful when you’re constantly in 1st and 15. No team can overcome that.

The end of this game was a total joke. You get a pass interference call to go your way, capitalize with a touchdown with 2 minutes to go, and then the defense can’t hold up. So many things went wrong today, as they have this year, and it’s frustrating because of how much talent the Ravens have. Are they a top 5 talented team in the league? No chance. But are they better than the product we’ve seen on the field? They should be.


In all honesty if Jimmy Smith doesn’t get a concussion the Ravens win this game. He was having the game of his life before he exited. OBJ hadn’t made a sound except for his fumble. It’s tough to win when you’re throwing out your fourth and fifth corners covering arguably the best receiver in the league. But fuck, this loss sucks, and so does this team.


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