Thanksgiving, Trifling Mike Tomlin, Ravens Can Win Out, and More Ref Screw Ups.

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I hope all of our readers (all 27 of you) enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend.  No doubt it’s the best holiday of the year, and the incredible slate of games made it even more enjoyable for all of us football junkies. And while the incredible and ridiculous college games deservedly took center stage nationally, I personally found the Ravens win over Pittsburgh the most satisfying of all the pigskin side dishes that went with my turkey and gravy. (Go figure.)  Since the game was four days ago, I won’t bore you with analysis or details that you already know, but I would like to say a few things about Return-Gate.  Bottom line, Mike Tomlin did it on purpose and if you don’t think that you’re either draped in a black and gold velvet sweat suit, or you’re too dumb to see the obvious.  Tomlin cheapened himself, this rivalry, and the game of football by doing what he did and the fact that the NFL has yet too announce his punishment is absurd.  I would think the league would want to sweep this under the rug as fast as possible, especially since the Steelers are one of the NFL’s “darling” franchises.  And while I understand that teams will pull out every trick and nuance to win, this move seemed trife and bush league.  It certainly shouldn’t come from a well-respected and championship coach.  Can you imagine Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs, Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, or Chuck Noll pulling this garbage?  No way.  Not even the video taping bandit himself, Bill Belichick , would stoop this low.  A one game suspension, $200,000 grand, and a 7th round pick seems appropriate.  Oh, and a public apology from Coach Tomlin.  If he owned up to it I’d respect him a lot more.

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Meanwhile, what Raven fan didn’t think of Ed Reed or Chris Mcallister after that game ending field goal return at Auburn on Saturday night?  To think that Alabama  had a 7 lead with 40 seconds left, only to lose in regulation is crazy.  But screw em, and good riddance to The Tide, let somebody else play in the big game for once.

Back to the Ravens.  If this last game is any indication, the rest of the AFC may have a big problem on their hands.  The Ravens are playing their best football of the season, and in a weak conference, that means the last 4 weeks are going to be real interesting around here.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ravens won out.  The Black birds get the Vikings at home next, a winnable game, especially if Vikings QB Christian Ponder remains out after being hurt last week.  Then it’s the Lions on the road on a Monday night.  Winnable, because deep down inside the Lions know they suck and Matthew Stafford will give the ball up to our ever improving secondary.  Then we get New England at home.  The Ravens have had their number of late, and at home, the Ravens are capable of beating anyone at anytime, no matter what the talent level.  Then it’s Cincy on the road to end the season.  Child, please.  If the division is on the line for this one, who would you rather have, Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis or Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh?  Never won a big game tandem vs big game winning machines.  I’ll take our guys, thank you very much.  Obviously, we have to focus on Minnesota and it’s gotta be a one game at a time mentality, but I’m just sayin’, winning out may not be as far-fetched as you think, this is an organization that prides itself on winning in the winter.  The Ravens are built for it.

The refs blew another big call late last night by screwing up the down and distance during the Redskins last-minute, desperation, game tying attempting drive.  While we’ll never know if the play calling or the result of the game would have been different, it’s just another big foul up by the rule keepers of the biggest sport entity in our nation’s history.  Does any one else find the spotting and measuring of first downs by the inexact science of the chain gang hilarious?  Spotting and measuring is so vague, general, and subjective, yet the NFL hauls out their chains and their dramatic measures in an attempt to pretend that they’ve got that ball placed perfectly, down to the last link of the chain.  It’s almost comical.  NFL measures are so WWE.

And in other news both the Rams and the Browns pulled off trades that at first seemed like losers to many “experts”, but now look like big time winning deals.  The Rams might end up with two picks in the top 15 overall next year due to the pick they are getting from the Redskins.  The Browns will also have two first round picks in a deep 2014 draft due to the Trent Richardson deal.  Trent got benched in favor of Donald Brown in Indy.  Meanwhile, the Browns are poised to build onto their nice young talent base.  (Haden, Thomas, and Gordon are easily in the pro-bowl this season.)

Buckle up Raven fans, these next four weeks are going to be fun.





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