Thanks To Oakland, This Is Probably The First Ever Go-Kart Led Police Chase

News — June 29, 2016 at 7:56 pm by

Maybe I’m wrong on this one, but this has got to be a first. And thanks to Twitter, we can see the footage of a guy trying to evade Oakland, Ca. police…on his go-kart.

Kron The video was taken as the go-kart sped down southbound Interstate 880 near the Jackson Street offramp. This is actually not unusual for Oakland, according to the man who captured the video and posted it on Twitter, Tonka Dre. “Every so often guys meet up to ride dirt bikes and go-karts around Oakland,” Dre said. The go-kart seen in the video was part of a larger group of riders. “This particular person on the go-kart was the slowest and the last in the pack,” Dre said. “That’s why he was being chased by police.”

This is what happens when you’re the go-kart guy, there is no way you don’t get busted when shit hits the fan. You’re ‘friends’ are using you as the fall guy, don’t be the go-kart guy when the cops show up.

via Uproxx

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