Terrifying Octopus Jumps Out Of Water To Snatch Poor, Unsuspecting Crab

Outdoors — February 23, 2015 at 7:27 pm by

Man, that’s a tough way to go. One minute, you’re chilling by the water and life is good. The next, fucking Ursula is snatching your ass and eating you alive. What a cruel world. And thanks for nothing, camera lady. Would it have killed you to intervene, you cold-hearted nerd? You should’ve stopped gushing in your pants over this nature homicide and punted that sinister beast into orbit. Think about somebody else for once in your life. That crab deserved to die a noble death in a boiling pot; it didn’t deserve to get murdered in broad daylight by a tentacled monster. Good night, my sweet prince. I’ll pour out some Old Bay for you, you delectable crustacean.

via Uproxx

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