Terrance West Tried Some Instagram Pimpin’ & It Backfired In Spectacular Fashion

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Former Towson Tiger and current Cleveland Browns running back, Terrance West, found a young woman on Instagram that caught his eye. The only problem was that this woman’s profile said that she was married with children. But do you think that West would have been able to shatter the Towson record books, and become a 3rd round pick in the NFL Draft, by quitting at the first sign of adversity? Fuck no. So West decided to throw on the full-court press to land this lovely lady.



Am I crazy or does she have a little Kim Kardashian thing going on? Regardless, that was a truly romantic courtship from West. And to think that women think chivalry is dead. Unfortunately for West, she didn’t appreciate these advances, and told her husband what was going on. To get some payback on West, the husband gave West’s number to his friends, who sent him pictures of their chests, butts, and dicks. Talk about a lethal counterpunch, babes. But wait, there’s still more to this sordid tale.

The husband saw that West had pictures on his Instagram of a woman that appeared to be his girlfriend during all of this. There were pictures of their matching tattoos, accompanied with Rick Ross lyrics, so you know it was real as fuck.



The husband ratted out West to his girlfriend, and she told him that they were no longer together. So West couldn’t land the married woman, and is now no longer with his girlfriend. Those are tough breaks, no doubt about it. But at least amidst all this turmoil, West still has that dynamite O’s tat. Women come and go, Terrance, but the Birds will always have your back.

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