Terps With A Too Close For Comfort Win Versus Nebraska, 69-65.

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Man, I can’t even get one relaxing win with this Terp squad.  Even sorry-ass Nebraska hangs around and keeps things close.  Hell, this now 13-13 Cornhusker crew even had the lead early in the second half  in Maryland’s 69-65 win at Xfinity Cente, tonight..  I know complaining about a win is lame, and I realize that with tonight’s victory Maryland is now 22-5, but c’mon, give me a rocking chair, feet on the ottoman, victorious blowout every once in a while.  Every night I’m having heart murmurs and gas pains with these cardiac Terps.  .

Lucky for us Terps faithful, we got Melo Trimble.  He’s like Tums for Terp Nation.  Trimble was THE big difference maker tonight for the Terps.  His 26 points/5 Assists/6 rebounds stat line doesn’t even do him justice.  Trimble was all over the place.  His shot was smooth as silk, he ran the floor with absolute authority, and he ran the break and dropped dimes like a boss.  Here’s a run and gun dish to a high flying Jake Layman….

Earlier this evening, Layman went airborne #Terps

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Yeah, it was like that.  Trimble was in total command of the game and with him completely in business mode, I got the feeling that, even though the game was too close for comfort, the Terps weren’t going to lose. Trimble wasn’t going to let them. When Melo’s in the zone like that he’s got a very confident aura about him.  Kinda like this guy did….


So ultimately, while a shitty Nebraska team shouldn’t be taking the Terps to the brink, a win is a win, and 22-5 is pretty damn sweet.

Other Game Notes

Defensively the Terps struggled again.  They just can’t seem to stay tough on that end of the floor.  Inside it’s understandable, they just don’t have the dudes to defend the post, but the perimeter struggles are inexcusable.  Nebraska, coming into tonight’s game was shooting just 29% from three- good for last in the Big 10.  Tonight they made 10 threes and shot 38.5% from downtown.  With the quality of the guard position for Maryland and knowing that they are capable of playing good defense, those numbers are unacceptable, especially at home.  The mindset needs to change on the defense side of things.

Jake Layman and Dez Wells each scored 14 tonight.

Damonte Dodd managed 4 points and Michal Chekovsky actually hit a free throw.

Maryland’s bench scored a paltry six points. Need more from the pine, babes.

Walter Pitchford, who averages just 7.0 a game for the Huskers, went off and scored 19.  Goofy looking shot and all.  Looked like a baby Bill Cartwright.

I know it’s freezing ass cold outside and I know it was Nebraska, but I saw too many empty seats in Xfinity Center.  No excuses.  However, I do have a feeling the place will be packed to the ceiling for the next men’s basketball game

Next Up:    Wisconsin at College Park on Tuesday night.  Can’t wait for that, babes.


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